Only you and me…

Dovydas' happy solitude (2yrs 10m).

Dovydas’ happy solitude (2yrs 10m).

From my three-year observation of our triplets, I can assuredly state what the most valuable thing for a multiple is. It is the time one-on-one with dad or mom.

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The Birthday


Just back from a three-day Easter visit to my wife’s parents in the countryside. There has been some intense project management in the Project Triplets during this tour: I will revisit what I have learnt during these days in my later posts.

22 April is the triplets’ birthday. Or should I capitalize – it is indeed the Birthday when you have the occasion concentrated from three equally important parts. Continue reading

Enter the Project Triplets

This blog is from a father of triplets in Vilnius, Lithuania who are about to turn three. After three wonderful years I decided it is about the time to share my experience which those blessed to have two or more kids at once might find useful.

My approach in writing this blog will be similar to notes by a manager running a project. Our project has two principal managers (the Mother and I) and two deputy managers (the grandmothers). There are more helpers, but not a single nanny! My wife and I are fortunate to have agreed on how we should run the project from the very beginning. This concord allowed us to sleep sound at night from two months onwards, for my wife to shine in beauty and for us both to scratch heads when yet another bypasser was expressing her awe and condolences. ‘It must be so hard – but at least all at once!’ Hell no, we are fine! The rewards are so high in comparison to the effort. If you handle things right!