The Birthday


Just back from a three-day Easter visit to my wife’s parents in the countryside. There has been some intense project management in the Project Triplets during this tour: I will revisit what I have learnt during these days in my later posts.

22 April is the triplets’ birthday. Or should I capitalize – it is indeed the Birthday when you have the occasion concentrated from three equally important parts. To accommodate the crowd of kids and parents, the big birthday party is postponed to the next Sunday, but we have announced to the triplets that today is the “little” birthday and later on will be the “big” birthday. The little birthday is only among us five – three muffins with three candles each (a year ago it was the same, but with two candles each).

The Birthday is riddled with numerology. It is just fun, emotionally, to see all those threes around you: 3 children have their 3rd birthday while dad is 33 and mom is 33.

Speaking of multiples’ birthdays, I was once told that a kindergarten in Lithuania based on the Waldorf (Steiner) educational approach is organizing separate birthdays for each of twins or triplets attending the facility. The reason is giving separate attention to the occasion in respect of each sibling. It is interesting, but I do not see this approach as feasible. Is the sibling whose birthday is closer to the actual birthday privileged (once they can understand it)? You can give separate attention during the same day. If anyone knows unquestionable benefits of staggered birthdays, do let me know.

But let’s return to the project management advice, fitted to the occasion. What is special about birthdays of multiples? I have noticed the following so far in respect of triplets at the age of 3 or below:

1. Three small cakes work better than a single big one.

2. A ‘communal’ gift (for all the siblings to share) is generally a bad idea before 3. I feel that past the age of 3, such gifts should be introduced to stimulate sharing and sense of community which has been quite limited so far.  We will be giving our triplets the Ikea mini-kitchen in several days (during the ’round two’ birthday with grandparents). I will keep you posted of what develops 🙂

3. The same present for each sibling is encouraged. The objects then can be distinguished by attaching stickers of different color. Look out for my later posts about the beneficial role that colors may play in the life of a multiples family.


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